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Dinero was born on the ancient hill tops of Machu Picchu. Son of Chuck Norris and Grandson of the Dos Equis guy, Dinero was abandoned by his father at the age of six. Those close to the DJ say the split from his father eminated after an altercation, when Dinero came home late from a wild night of partying. An argument over Dinero's bedtime ensued and the argument escalated into a fist fight, leaving Chuck Norris badly beaten at he hands of his six year old. Chuck Norris knew that he could not contain or protect himself from the animal within Dinero, so he told his son to carve his own path and dropped him off in Northern California. Dinero vowed never to use his hands for violence again. A vow that guided Dinero's fingertips to music and the power of his famous turn tables.

Dinero grew up in the rough suburbs in San Jose. It was there that Dinero scrapped through life constantly looking over his shoulder for thugs and bullies. He refused to fight them and instead he ran. He ran because of his vow and he ran be cause he was fast. By the time Dinero hit High School, all the running from street thugs and dodging bullets had given him great speed. Speed he harnessed on the baseball field. Dinero eventually went on to star in the NCAA Southern Conference as a center fielder. Though he loved the sport and his fans, Dinero was drawn back to his love for music and became DJ Dinero.

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